Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Protect Your Home From Power Surges?


Let our licensed electricians install a whole house surge protector for your home. These devices will help save you thousands of dollars on costly repairs and replacements when a power surge occurs.


Why Install a Whole-Home Surge Protector?

      • Protect Expensive Electronics
      • Fewer Damaged Appliances
      • Increase Resale Value
      • Electrical System Protection

How Surge Protectors Work


A whole-house surge protector will protect your home appliances and electrical devices from voltage spikes by blocking the flow of electricity to your home’s electrical system. These surge protectors are hard-wired directly to your electrical panel. Once correctly installed, if there is a spike in voltage, the protector will trip like a breaker to interrupt the surge of power. We recommend installing a protector that is rated for a minimum of 40,000 amps.


Power surges happen from both outside and inside the home. Most people think of a lightning strike as the only way a power surge occurs. Up to 75% of power surges come from your electrical system within your home. Then there are outside forces like lightning, rolling blackouts, and power shut-offs due to fire danger.


When your electrical company turns the power back on, this can cause a spike in electricity. The peak can harm anything that uses electricity in your home and can be very costly to repair or replace. In Southern California, during the fire blackouts, when the lights come back on, we get calls for electrical issues. If these homes had a whole house surge protector installed, they wouldn’t experience electrical issues from this cause.


One of the most common problems we see is HVAC problems. Today’s HVAC systems have extensive electronics that can be sensitive to electrical surges. Parts that commonly break with a spike are circuit boards, fan motors, and condensers.


Frequently Asked Questions


The cost to install one will depend on your home set up. If your home has a subpanel, this may require an additional protector. There are some more variable costs; please contact us for a free price quote.
A licensed electrician should install the surge protector. You will want to ensure that this device is installed and grounded correctly. In many cases, the manufacturer of the surge protector will not cover the warranty if a licensed electrician does not install the device.
The only con is the price to have it installed. However, compared to the replacement costs of the electronics, it may ruin the price is relatively affordable. The pros can save you thousands of dollars by interrupting the power surge to protect your home's electrical devices.