Solar Battery Backup Storage

Keep the Power On with Battery Backup Storage

Do you want to keep the power on and use the solar energy your home generates during the nighttime and & and power blackouts?

Store Solar Energy for Use During the Night

Having solar panels installed can reduce your electric utility bills considerably. However, during the evening hours when the sun isn’t out your home needs to use electricity from your utility company. Some of these hours in the early evenings can be costly since most people are getting home in the evening. Time to cook, watch television, and cool the house down.
When you store the excess energy from your solar panels during the day, it will allow you to lower your bills by using that energy during the night. The electricity stored in your battery backup is used first, then if you use it all up, your home can then draw from the power grid.

Back up Solar Battery Storage for Power Grid Outages

Living in California, we experience power outages for several reasons. Whether it’s a rolling blackout to save electricity or a complete grid power outage for high wind fire danger a battery backup can help. In some areas of Southern California, the power outages for high winds can last days. There is nothing more frustrating when the food in your refrigerator and freezer goes bad, or you can’t get ready for work.
Installing backup battery storage can help you and your family comfortably survive these power outages. Your solar panels will charge your battery storage and can be used to power your home. Depending on how much electricity your home requires, you may need several battery backups installed. We can discuss your specific situation and make recommendations to meet your needs.

Can you add a battery backup to existing solar panels?

Yes, we can add solar battery backup storage to your existing solar panel home system. You can give us a call and have one of our solar energy experts evaluate your situation. We can then provide several options that will work for your home. If you currently have solar and want to add a home battery backup, get in touch with us today.

Off-Grid Living

One of the questions we get asked the most is about living off the grid. While prices have come down considerably in recent years living off the grid requires several solar battery backups. In some instances, it may not be financially feasible to live 100% grid free. Doing so would need numerous battery backups and enough solar panels to charge them during the day. It is possible and will depend on your budget.