Riverside Solar

Riverside Solar Panel Installation

Did you know that solar energy can add money into your pocket over time?
We can help with your Riverside solar needs with our years of experience in solar panels and green energy. We can help from start to finish with your solar energy plans! Here is additional information on solar energy for your home or business.

Is Solar Expensive?

Solar Financing
*We have a variety of finance options available, including 0% down solar financing.
A lot of people complain that solar power is very expensive. While it does cost money to have solar power installed, it will save your Riverside, California home money in the long run. Also, we have lots of different financing options available for your home or business. You can take advantage of our great financing opportunities, including 0% financing options. We want our customers to be able to take advantage of financing their solar panels, without worrying how they will pay for it. In most cases we can get you into solar for zero money down.
While you’ll need to spend a little money for your solar installation, it will pay off for you quickly. First, you can save a ton of money on your electric bills. These savings can really add up, especially if you are interested in solar power. The state will give you tax credit, which gives you tax breaks for solar installation and saves you even more money.
Also, your property will have a higher resale value if you go with solar energy. There is a lot to be said for improving his property. That way when you turn around to settle, you get as much money as you can for your property you have put so much work and time into. In some cases, installing solar panels will be the best thing you do for your home or business since you bought them.

Solar Battery Back Up

Nowadays getting solar can greatly reduce your electric bills and more and more customers are adding solar battery backups to their installations. Having a battery backup will help keep the power on in the event of a power outage and can help reduce your utility bill by providing power to your house at night when the solar panels are unable to generate electricity. Out solar consultant can provide options for you to look at.

Steps for Getting Solar Energy

You need to know that Riverside, like other cities in the area, have building codes. Nearly all of the codes are there to keep your home and business safe, and to keep fraudsters out of the industry. There are many city building codes that cover solar energy, so you’ll need someone who knows what they’re doing. At VoltGen we specialize in solar energy with years of experience in the green energy field.


    • Free Initial Consultation
    • Design Process
    • City Permits
    • Solar Installation
    • Pass City Inspection
We will come out to your home or business, have a look at your property, and sit down with you to give you a consultation. If you agree, that’s really all you have to do. We handle the setup, permits, installation and cleanup–all with a big dose of courtesy. We want to make sure your property passes the city inspection for the last time–then it’s done, and you just have to relax and dream of your life with solar.
If you are ready for solar installation in Riverside, give us a call today? Our local Riverside solar experts would love to talk to you.