Ring Doorbell Installation

Need A Ring Doorbell Professionally Installed?


Our licensed electricians will professionally install your ring doorbell, floodlight cameras, or any video surveillance cameras you need installed.


Ring & Smart Video Doorbells


One of the most common doorbell installations we perform is for the Ring Doorbells. Ring Doorbells are a great deterrent from porch pirates that steal packages. When you have a Ring Doorbell installed, you will be able to monitor your home’s entryway for all activity.


Benefits of Professional Installation

      • Ensure Proper Voltage
      • Remove and Inspect Your Current Doorbell
      • Rewire if Needed
      • Professionally Mounted
      • Help with WiFi Set-Up
      • Hardwired into Your Electricity

A few of the Ring Doorbell models cannot run off of standard doorbell wiring. The Ring Video Doorbell Elite and the Ring Peephole Cam will need to be wired via Ethernet or will use a quick-release rechargeable battery.


Other Home Security Installations


Our electricians also install similar devices like Nest, Eufy, and Arlo doorbells. Make your home safe and give your family a greater sense of security by having a video doorbell or security floodlights installed. There are many home security products available for purchase these days. If you purchased one online and need the system installed, give us a call.


Installation Services

      • Ring Doorbell
      • Home Security Cameras
      • Doorbell installation
      • Floodlight cameras
      • Surveillance cameras installation
      • Nest
      • Arlo
      • Eufy
      • Motion Activated Security Lights

Frequently Asked Questions


The price of installation will depend on your current setup. Please give us a call or email us to get our current pricing on our installation cost.
All of the Ring Video Doorbells are great products. However, you will have to decide what features you’d like to have with you. The most popular one we install is the Ring Video Doorbell 2, mainly because it records in 1080p HD.
The Nest Hello Video Doorbell is very comparable in many ways. Often you can find the price of the Nest Hello to be about $20 cheaper than the Ring Doorbell and has better picture quality.