Rialto Solar

Rialto Solar Panel Installation

At VoltGen we know that most Californians want to do the right thing, and use more solar energy, but they are afraid they won’t be able to find the right solar installation company. Some are afraid the costs of adding solar will be too high.
Let us give you some information about our expertise with Rilato solar energy, and how the costs of installation will pay for themselves in a short period of time.

How Expensive Is Solar?

We often hear that many Rialto homes and businesses want solar, but they have heard it is very expensive. We want to be the first to tell you that making a cheap investment in solar isn’t really possible, because of the technology. There are affordable options available. We offer financing options for our customers, including zero percent financing.
Solar Financing
*We have a variety of finance options available, including 0% solar financing.
In addition, solar energy offers a lot of tax breaks and rebates. You can save a lot of money off your electric bill–which can save you thousands of dollars a year if you own a large company. Also, the state of California offers rebates and tax credits on solar energy, which can also maximize your savings. Having solar energy also ups the resale value of your home or business by as much as $4 per watt installed. That’s a lot of added value for your home.

The Solar Energy Process

Rialto, like other cities in California, has city codes that regulate solar energy and solar installation. The state of California also has building codes for solar energy. At times, the codes are confusing, and even frustrating for companies who are trying to break into the solar energy business.
Luckily, VoltGen has been installing solar panels on homes and businesses for years, so we know all of the rules and regulations. That means when you call us, we can come out and give you a consultation as well as an accurate assessment and costs of your solar plan.
We then handle all of the installation needs, from the permits and setup prep work to the finishing inspection and the cleanup. Our team doesn’t consider a job done until the final inspection.


    • Free Initial Consultation
    • Design Process
    • City Permits
    • Solar Installation
    • Pass City Inspection
Are you ready for solar at your home or business in Rialto? Why not give us a call today? Our local Rialto solar consultants are ready to talk to you.