Reasons Why Your Lights are Flickering in Your House

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If you are experiencing a problem with your lights flickering or blinking, it is crucial you get to the bottom of it. Often it can be something simple, and other times it can be a more severe problem with the electrical in your home. Below we will take a look at the specific electrical problem and offer reasons why you could be experiencing the issue and how it can be fixed.

How Many Lights Flicker?

The first thing to do is to try and isolate the issue. You will need to take detailed notes on which lights in your home flicker. This will help you or the electrician you hire to troubleshoot the electrical issues.

One-Light Flickering

If there is only one light flickering in your home, there is a good chance the light bulb, lamp, or light fixture are the reasons for the flickering. When bulbs getting older or get jolted, the wiring inside the light bulb can become worn and disconnected, which may cause the light to flicker.
The first thing you should do is to change to a new lightbulb to see if that solves the problem. Before you begin, ensure the light is turned off, and the plug is removed from the power outlet. Be sure to tightly screw the bulb into the socket as loose bulbs could be the problem.
If you still have a problem with the light flickering, then you could have a faulty light fixture or switch. There is even a possibility that there could be a loose wire leading to that specific light.

Multiple-Lights Flickering

When you experience several lights flickering in your home, you can still narrow down the issue. Questions you should investigate are; do the light flicker in just one room or one side of the house? If so, this will help an electrician narrow down where to look for the issue.
When you have several light flickering, it usually points to a faulty circuit or the primary wire feeding the electrical to that room. Issues like this should be treated with a great sense of urgency as loose wires can arc and spark a fire. In a case like this, you should call out a professional electrician as soon as possible to troubleshoot and repair the problem.

Flickering When Running Appliances

Some homeowners experience flickering of lights when they turn on or use significant appliances. What happens in the case is your home’s electrical panel isn’t the adequate size to handle the needs of modern-day appliances and technology.
In this situation, an electrician may be able to adapt your electrical panel, or you may need an electrical panel upgrade. It can be dangerous to run your home’s electricity on an undersized electrical panel.

Entire Home Lights Flickering

When your home experiences random lights flickering or even low voltage issues, it can be a sign of a severe electrical problem. The problem usually can be anywhere between your home’s electrical service and the electric panel or as some people call it the breaker box.
Below are the most common reasons:
• Overloaded Circuit
• Voltage Fluctuations
• Loose Wiring Connections
Many homeowners with older houses experience some electrical issues from time to time. Whether the home has outdated wiring like knob and tube or aluminum wiring that deteriorates over time, electrical issues should be taken seriously.
You must call a professional electrician to evaluate your home’s electrical system. You will want to provide your family with peace of mind so you and your family can sleep without worrying. If you are in Redlands, California, or the Inland Empire, give us a call so we can help.

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