Moreno Valley Solar

Moreno Valley Solar Panel Installation

California is the perfect state for solar energy. It is sunny in much of California for days on end, which means there’s a lot of free solar energy for the taking.
When you’re ready to talk to someone about adding solar energy to your Moreno Valley home or business, we can help. Let VoltGen give you some information on solar panel installation.

The Cost of Going Solar?

Moreno Valley has a lot of sun and Solar energy pays for itself dozens of times over. You can save money on your electric bills.
There are tax credits for solar panel installation as well. Putting in solar panels also helps to up the resale value of your home. Those figures add up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings very quickly.
We also don’t expect you to come up with the cost of solar panel installation all up front. We offer some great financing packages, where you can put down some money for solar panels and then pay the rest off later. We even offer zero percent financing terms–which means you can start saving money before you’ve paid for the installation!
Solar Financing
*We have a variety of finance options available, including 0% down solar financing.

How Do I Get Solar Energy?

Moreno Valley regulates the solar industry in the area through the use of building codes. These codes cover how we install solar panels on a house or businesses. The codes combined with the laws in California mean that you want a professional to handle your solar panel installation.
You want to hire a company with a lot of experience, because the wrong company can actually cause damage to the roof of your home.
When you’re ready to get solar, call the experts at VoltGen. We can come to your home or business to have a look around and give you an honest quote for free. If you decide to go with solar, we take care of all of the preparation, permits, installation and clean up. We will be with you from the first consultation through the final inspection.