VoltGen Guarantees


Upfront Pricing Guarantee – We provide upfront pricing prior to the start of every job. We will provide a cost prior to the start of the job. Unlike some companies that will charge an hourly rate and often milk the job to increase their billing. Our upfront pricing means no surprises for you.


No Phone Guessing Guarantee – To ensure we provide the most accurate pricing we will not guess prices blindly over the phone. All quotes will be in writing after someone from our staff has seen the project in person. This will allow us to avoid miscommunication and guarantees we can provide a proper price quote we can standby.


Outstanding Service Guarantee – You will not find another electrician or solar company in Southern California that will provide better service than us. Our electrical technicians and team of installers will ensure attention to detail, professionalism, cleanliness, and competitive upfront pricing.


No Pressure Tactics Guarantee – We believe that homeowners should have all the information and options about their repairs so they can make the best decision. We will not use pressure or scare tactics to force you into making repairs. We want you to feel comfortable with our recommendations and advice. Our goal is to be the most trusted electricians and solar installers in Southern California.

VoltGen Electricians Truck

Have Pricing Questions? – Feel free to call, text, or email us with your specific questions on pricing. We will be happy to provide as much information as possible or schedule an appointment for work or an estimate.