GFCI Outlet Installation

Need A GFCI Outlet Installed?


Our team of professional electricians can wire in a new GFCI anywhere you need one in your home or business. We can install a new GFCI or possibly repair your old one if it’s not working. Our licensed electricians are insured and bonded with years of electrical experience.


What is a GFCI Outlet?


GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupters and is also called a residual current device or RCD. GFCI outlets are commonly installed in and around a home’s plumbing and help protect against electrical shock.


You can quickly identify a GFCI outlet by the push button on the outlet’s face. There are usually two buttons, one for a reset and one for testing. In nearly all homes, especially newer ones, you will find GFCI outlets in the bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor areas, and in the garage.


GFCI Outlet Wiring


Often homeowners or businesses need to replace an outlet or two. However, there are times you need a new outlet where there is nothing at all. If this is the case, our expert electricians can install the GFCI outlet wiring and add a new GFCI outlet. Our professional electricians provide installation services for both commercial and residential customers.


GFCI USB outlet


We can install GFCI USB outlets to help power your electronics. Just about every mobile device and computer electronics need a USB for charging. If you are looking for a more permanent way to charge your phone or other electronic devices, a USB outlet is perfect for you. One of the most popular power outlets we install is a GFCI USB combo outlet. This is a specific type of outlet where you can plug in a regular power cord and a USB cord.


The first thing to do is to press the test button. Once that has been pushed, you can then press the reset button. If your GFCI outlet still doesn’t work, it may be wet, or the breaker may have tripped. You can find the breaker box and attempt to reset the breaker. If you still have problems after this, please contact us so we can come out and correctly diagnose the problem.
If this happens, you properly have a problem with the outlet or the wiring. GFCI outlets typically last 12 to 20 years on average. If your outlets are cracked or have damaged, you will want to have them replaced. Another common issue is the insulation of the wiring tends to wear out over time.
Every situation can be different, and exact pricing can be hard to quote without seeing the issues in person. Additionally, if a new outlet is being installed, the price will depend on how far we need to run the wiring. Give us a call or email us so we can provide a proper estimate.
There isn’t a massive difference between the two. Both a GFCI and a GFI will break the current when a ground interface is discovered. GFI is more of an appliance protector, while GFCI is more of a people protector.