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Level 2 EV Charger
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If you own an electric vehicle, you know the struggles of charging your car at home. The basic charger that comes with your brand new electric vehicle is slow and can take more than 24-hours to complete a full charge. Who has that kind of time? Especially if you need to commute and a significant distance for your daily commute. Your EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) can help you save time and money while charging at home.
The standard electric car charger that comes with an electric vehicle plugs into a 110-volt outlet. While these chargers are convenient because you can plugin them in virtual anywhere, they don’t provide the charging power of a level 2 EV charger. The level 2 chargers are much more powerful and run off of 240 volts of electricity.

How Much to Install an Electric Car Charger

There are several factors to consider when deciding to install a level 2 EV charger. The first is the actual cost of purchasing the charging equipment. Below is the next section we will get more into the different types of chargers and their pricing.
The other factor is the actual cost of hiring a professional to perform the installation. You will want to hire a licensed electrician to complete the wiring and installation. If your current electrical panel can handle to load the installation will be relatively simple and take anywhere from one to three hours to complete.
Pricing can vary depending on where you live, but in California, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300-$700 dollars on average. Some of the factors that influence the pricing are the distance from the electrical box to the location where the EV charger will be installed.

Popular Level 2 Car Chargers

The cost of buying a level 2 charger range from $400 to $1,500 depending on the brand and products. Some of the more expensive chargers have more extended warranties, but not all the time. It is also essential to understand the actual cost of charging your electric vehicle. We will dive more into the actual charging price below, but for now, we will highlight the most popular home chargers.
JuiceBox – There are several different types of JuiceBox products, including a 32-amp and a 40-amp version. The JuiceBox also has WiFi, which allows EV owners to monitor their charger from anywhere there is the Internet. Some JuiceBox models have load sharing, which will allow you to charge multiple vehicles at once.
ChargePoint Home – The ChargePoint EV charger is 32 amps and can be installed outside as well as inside. Like many of the other chargers, it is WiFi enameled and can provide information about the charge such as cost and charging levels.
Siemens VersiCharge – This is a popular charger that can be purchased at home improvement stores as well as online. VersiCharge is one of the least expensive chargers on the market. There aren’t a lot of features that come with this model, but it will do the job for an affordable price.

Electric Car Charger Installation Process

The first step is to ensure that your electrical panel is capable of handling your new charger. In some rare cases in older homes, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel before installing a charger. If your panel is right to go then, your electrician will start the installation process. The installer will run conduit from your electrical panel to the location where the charger will be installed. They will also professionally mount your charger on the wall. The entire process will take a few hours but longer if you need to upgrade your electrical panel.

Cost of Charging

The cost of charging will depend on your vehicle and the cost of your electric utility company. The ultimate set up is to install solar panels and a battery backup system to help reduce your electricity costs for your home and your vehicle. The battery backup system will charge during the day, and when you charge your EV at night, it can draw the electricity your home’s solar created during the day. When you have a set up like this, you end up pay virtually nothing to charge your vehicle.

Local Experts

If you are located within Southern California, give us a call. Our office is in Redlands, and we serve most of the nearby major cities, including Riverside, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, and Highland. Our team can professionally install fast EV home chargers and consultant on the setup for your situation.

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