Fire, Smoke, & Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Do You Need Professional Installation?


Our team of licensed electricians can install fire detectors, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. Whether you need an existing one replaced or a brand new installation wired, we can handle that for you.


Reasons to Have Professional Installation

      • Peace of Mind
      • Avoid Electrical Dangers
      • Labor Warranty
      • Quality Workmanship
      • Professional Expertise
      • Avoids Costly Damages

Hardwire Smoke & Carbon Detectors


Anytime you have the option to hardwire, either a smoke detector or a carbon monoxide detector do it. Sure, battery-powered units can work great, but they aren’t as reliable as hardwired systems. Over time people forget to change the batteries, or the detectors fail without warning. When a hardwired system starts to fail, the system will usually provide a warning alert.


Additionally, when you hardwire your smoke and Co detectors, the alarms are connected. In this case, when one alarm sounds, they all sound, which provides better notification throughout your home or commercial building.


Smoke Detector Installation


Most people can install a battery-powered smoke detector themselves. That is a relatively simple process that requires no electrical wiring. The battery-powered models can work well for homeowners, but in commercial buildings, you will need a more robust industrial smoke detectors professional installed. The commercial system generally require 120 volts wiring and comes with a 10-year lithium battery backup.


Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation


Whether you have outdated carbon monoxide detectors, updating your home, or the current sensors don’t work, one of our professional electricians can install a carbon monoxide detector for you.


Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can make you sick or even worse kill you. Approximately 2,000 people die each year from carbon monoxide related posing, and many of them happen in their sleep. It is now required that each home in California install a carbon monoxide alarm outside in the vicinity of each bedroom and, in some cases, in hallways and living rooms.


Frequently Asked Questions


Smoke detectors should be installed in every bedroom, outside every sleeping area, and near living rooms and hallways. It is essential that if you have a 2-story or even a 3-story home that each level has its own set of detectors.
If you are installing a battery-operated detector, there is no need for an electrician. However, if your smoke detector needs to be wired into your home’s electrical grid, then yes, you should have a professional electrician install it.
It is recommended that you completely replace your smoke detectors with new units at least every 10-years.
When your detector is chirping, that is a warning sign that the power supply or battery needs replacing.