Colton Solar

Colton Solar Panel Installation

Do you need to add solar energy to your Colton business or your home?
If you want to look into solar energy, VoltGen can help. We have years of experience pioneering green energy and solar panels, and we can get your solar energy plan up and running in no time. Let us give you some additional information on green energy through solar panels.

How Expensive Is Solar?

One of the biggest complaints we get from people who want solar is the cost of getting it. We understand that it can be expensive to get solar installed, but you need to know that we have lots of financing available for homes and businesses. We even have options for zero percent financing, so you can rest assured of a good deal with installation.
Solar Financing
*We have a variety of finance options available, including 0% solar financing.
California offers tax credits and incentives towards solar installation, which can really add up. If you decide to sell your home or business, one of your selling points should be your solar panels. Your property will sell for more money if you have solar installed. In fact, you can recoup as much as $4 per watt installed.

Solar Energy Is A Process

Colton has building codes that allow the city to regulate the solar industry. The codes that cover installation of solar on a home or business is extensive, you need someone to install solar who has done it perfectly time and time again.
When you call VoltGen, we will come out to you, look at your property, and give you a consultation as well as a quote free of charge. Then we’ll take care of permits, installation, and cleanup. We make sure that your house or business passes inspection the first time. In fact, we will stay with you from the first consultation through the final inspection process.
Are you ready for solar? Give us a call today? Our local Colton solar consultants would love to talk to you.