Ceiling Fan Installation

Need A Ceiling Fan Installed?


One of our licensed electricians can come out to your home and professionally install the new fan for you. Whether you are just looking to replace an existing fan or have a fan installed in a new location, our experienced electricians will install it for you.


Ceiling Fan Wiring & Installation


Do you have a bedroom or another room in your house that you want a ceiling fan installed in? Ceiling fans are great because they provide light and cooling. In the hot summer months, installing a ceiling fan is a great way to reduce your energy bill.


If you don’t have an existing ceiling fan that is fine too, our electrical technician can wire in a new fan and properly install the correct hardware. If you already have a light fixture in place, our electrician may be able to upgrade the ceiling box to a fan rated box to handle the weight of the fan.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, our team of electricians can install any light fixture that you need, including ceiling fans with or without lights.
It depends on the type of fan and if there is existing wiring or not. In most cases, it is safer and easier for the homeowner to have a licensed electrician perform the installation.
Yes, if you need wiring ran to replace the current wiring or install new wiring, our electricians will handle this. Any time you are dealing with electrical issues, it is a good idea to have a licensed electrician perform the necessary work.
In most cases, it is cheaper to replace a ceiling fan instead of repairing one. Although there are times, we get called out because light switches aren't working, and our electricians will repair those.
Our pricing will depend on several factors, including the installation location, existing wiring, and other related factors. Do get an accurate price quote please contact us so we can get familiar with your installation needs.