Securing Your Home with Security Lights: What You Need to Know

Learn about the special considerations when installing home security lights such as motion-activated reflectors, point lighting, area lighting, LED bulbs and more.

Securing Your Home with Security Lights: What You Need to Know

Home security is a major priority for homeowners and property owners. To ensure the safety of their home, many people choose to install security lights. Security lights can be used to create the illusion that the house is occupied when away, investigate potential security threats, and deter intruders. But what are the special considerations when installing security lights?Motion-activated reflectors and point lighting are often the most effective way to use home security lights.

Closing the perimeter of the house can benefit both safety and security, while area lights have an important role to play. It is recommended that homeowners and property owners hire a professional electrician to take advantage of a wider range of lighting equipment and safety options without risking damage or injury during installation. Motion-activated lamps can be a key asset in addressing common safety issues, such as providing sufficient light when approaching the house or taking out the trash, or scaring away burglars and vandals. Security lights with sturdy luminaires can help prevent thieves from entering your property.

You can add security lights anywhere in your home, but it helps to create a map of where each light will be placed. Wiring and installing an outdoor light or a specific device for a point can allow homeowners to eliminate a blind spot, better illuminate outdoor areas and environments with high traffic, or address specific problems. Standard solar security lights, outdoor motion detector lights, LED lights, and outdoor security reflectors are all options that can help improve security in your home and keep potential thieves away. Areas such as walkways, front doors, garage doors, and ground floor windows should be considered for additional lighting devices.

Area lighting and home security lights alone are often enough to persuade would-be thieves or intruders to look elsewhere for an easier target.


bulbs are the most cost-effective outdoor security lighting option.

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